Mental Health Treatment and Mental Illnesses – The Behavior of Schizophrenia

One of the most commonly known forms of mental illnesses is Schizophrenia. A lot of celebrities have suffered from it. This is the reason perhaps that the disease is so popular among the masses. We all think that we know about it but the question is to what extent. Here are a few symptoms and treatments of such mental illnesses.

Symptoms of a schizophrenic:

A person who suffers from Schizophrenia behaves in a certain way. It does not take much to comprehend the fact that the person is suffering from a mental illness. Enumerated are a few of them:

  • Delusions and Hallucination – The affected person will imagine people saying and doing things which have never happened. Such people tend to talk to themselves and have an entire world of imaginary characters. Some of these people feel as if natural happening are being done on purpose and that special messages are being sent to him. Such people also tend to hear voices which have never been spoken.
  • Disorganization in terms of speech and thought – A person suffering from this sort of illness often lacks the clarity of thought. He will not be able to think in an organized way. This disorientation will cause the person to use ineffective speech.
  • Disorganized as well as catatonic behavior – This kind of behavior means that the person suffering from schizophrenia will not be able to react immediate to the dynamic surroundings. The affected person will not be able to react when you talk to him suddenly. Instead, he might just stare at you trying to recollect as to who you are.
  • Lessening of speech and inability to recognize – The affected person cannot speak any language fluently. This might come across as if the person is lost in his thoughts but this is not so. In reality, the person may not have even registered the fact that you are present and that you have spoken to him or her.
  • Behavior of the person as if he is disinterested – The affected person looks as if he is disinterested in participating in any thing which goes around him. The person looks lost and has a weird expression in his eyes. In fact, such people cannot even carry on a normal conversation between the people.

The schizophrenic person will often imagine a lot of things in terms of speech and thoughts which otherwise may not have happened. There are mental health facilities where such schizophrenics can be treated.

Contrary to the popular belief, there is a form of mental health treatment available for schizophrenics. This is curable but if you are at the last stage of it then there is no cure for it. The co-inhabitants of a person who is suffering from schizophrenia need to exercise caution and extreme patience. Since the person is suffering from a mental disease therefore there is no point getting angry on the person. Instead, a sense of calm and peace will help others tide over such a predicament.

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